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    You may be surprised if we ask that you assist with dish washing in the Kitchen or Washing hands well.

    The reason is simple, transmission of pathogens is a key way disease or illness is past on.

    We could show you all sorts of exciting, short videos on Youtube to teach you warnings about bacteria and viruses. 

    But just imagine I get a clean glass out and fill it with some cool, refreshing water. Then if I work up a good mouthful of mucus and spit into it. 

    Would you want to drink it or use the glass without putting it in the dishwasher? Of course not.

    What if I were to dump it down the sink, just rinse it under running water, dry it and put it way. Then refill it with more water and offer you another drink. Of course not.

    "No one wants to drink or eat off of these. When you use a glass or a fork, aren't you glad that I insist that the class before you are washing these properly? I expect the same from you. So, let's learn how to wash."


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